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Liz Feezor

Liz Feezor

We all know the importance of loving ourselves and our bodies. Even if that sounds completely familiar, it’s probably one of the hardest abilities to master. Self-love is to accept your existence and creating a sacred space, loving all the things within you, even those things that you have learned to call “flaws”. Self love is also, reinventing those patterns and believes that have been killing you for a long time. When you allow yourself to heal and you find the courage to integrate true love into your life, you start to live again. You are your only true love, so use all of your power and your heartbeat to build that fire inside.

When my friend Liz told me that she wanted to do a session to celebrate her body and validate the personal work she has been doing, I immediately knew I wanted to do this and share this experience with her, and I will forever be grateful for her beautiful courage. The best gift you can give yourself is time, time to practice freedom, nourishment, and to hold yourself forever. I would like for her to express in her talented writer ways the experience she had. Keep on scrolling to read Liz’s testimony and pictures!

I'd wanted to have photos just for me to celebrate myself in a way that kind of scared me: with a nude photo shoot at Hippie Hollow, Austin's nudist recreational area. Jessica at Ideology was really the inspiration for the shoot itself: the way she captures people in nature and the aesthetic of her work is absolutely stunning, so working with her was my first (and only!) choice to make this happen. She understood my vision and was incredibly supportive throughout the process: her presence immediately puts you at ease, which is a tall order for someone having naked photos taken for the first time! I could not be happier with the end result, and I'm forever grateful to her that I now have these incredible photos to commemorate this time in my life and embrace my body, flaws and all. Thank you, Jessica: you are AMAZING!