Jessica Arroyo Photography


Celebrate Who You Are

A portrait session is an encounter with yourself, a time to celebtrate who you are without judgement, apologies, or excuses. A time to be in front of the camera to shine, to like what you see, and to be forever present. I want to share this session and words from Cinthya Aguilar, founder of Lunita Calligraphy. I firmly believe that we need to celebrate our existence more often. We tend to forget and appreciate ourselves for the beautiful, magical, strong beings we are — inside and out. Today, I present to you a portrait session that reminds us how amazing and important is to be proud of who we are. Please keep scrolling down for Cinthya’s testimony!

“Celebrate who you are” that is Jessica’s message to the world. When she invited me to be part of this ideology of course I was thrilled to help her spread the message. For some reason we usually are our own worst judges; but the truth is that no-bo-dy is perfect and we better stop pursuing that.

Honestly when Jessica showed me these pictures there were a few that I thought oh no! here my eyes look weird, or my hair is on the wrong side, or I smiled too hard … but then it hit me, this is who I am, THIS IS THE WHOLE POINT!  What really Jessica is capturing in these pictures is my personality, my 31 year old face, the beautiful sunset on the background, the person who I’ve become so far. I have to say, today I feel great, and what I mean by that is that I know exactly who I am, I know what I want to do and where I want to be, I’m happy with my accomplishments so far and with the people who surround me, and I know that a few years later—when I’d probably be on a total different point in my life—and I go back to see these pictures I will remember how I felt today.

I’m not trying to say my life perfect, because it-is-not in any way! What I’m trying to say is that we change, life changes, and I’m glad that Jessica gave me the opportunity to preserve this moment in my life through her pictures, and I encourage you to do the same!

So, here I am celebrating who I am with all my virtues and flaws, and it actually feels very good to take some “me time”. So do it! Do it for fun! Celebrate who you are because you can, because you deserve it, because you’re worth it and because it feels great!